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Jacob/Bella must reads

jacob/bella must reads - exactly what the title says. these are fanfics that i've read that i think are great jacob/bella stories, some of them are underappreciated! (like caffeineaddict13)

Then Direct you into my arms by blueandblack (ffnet) aka @bluesuzanne here, I choose this cause its a multichapter and it has the typical New Moon set up, but I love all the stories by this author. If you twist and turn away has an amazing Jake POV, and a really hot first kiss lol. I love Jake in this story, I mean, I always love him, but that story makes me love him even more. Blue also has a lot of great one-shots... Seven Things is adorable, then We Wouldn't Want Bella to have to, no monsters and no magic, and Notsandcastles are my personal faves. 

Silence by stretch, I choose this because it's the most canon, Dreaming of Butterlies is great as well but it's very AU :)

To live again by itslikenature, a recent favorite of mine, as for her one shots my favorites are Kisses and Burnt Cookies (soo cute!), and He stopped loving her today: the crimson rose (which is beautifully sad and tragic). Great stories. I need to read her other multichapters as well to see which I like the most, but as for now To live again doesn't disappoint.

Changing directions by caffeineaddict13, I just LOVED her Jacob POV, I only wish there was more J/B interaction and I thought the ending felt a bit rushed, but I think it's worth it mostly because her Jake pov rocks... its a fun story you cant get enough of. well thats what happened to me x)

Puppy love, by hello.miller. Very cute story with very cute J/B interaction, can be found on ffnet.

2-Dreamgirl, Little annoyances, Nature Boy (one of the few just-friendship J/B fanfics I luuuuurved) by the-angry-pixie, they're fucking adorable and fluffy oneshots, I've read them at least 10 times. She also wrote a lovely story, My Best Friend's Wedding (can be found on her livejournal), it's not THAT J/B, but it's a great story nonetheless. 

The Best Man by asherz86 and Forevermore by Fire, more re-readable one shots, Fire's specially cause it sorta fixes the mess in BD, for me :D

Breathe Again by ysar and Fall for You by Live720 (ffnet), two popular fics that totally deserve the popularity! Bella and Jake are very in character, I think even E/B fans cant complain. 

Epiphany by walkingaftermidnight (midnight jo here) could be canon, so I'd rec it to E/B people who dont feel comfortable with Jake and Bella being all lovey dovey xD

Oh, and LeeLeeXtreme is also fabulous! The Return of the Bad Jacob is one of the best smut fics out there, and her one shot The Waiting Game is on my top list. She's also on ffnet.

There are many many more, but I think this is a pretty long list already xD I tried to rec underappreaciated stuff too, because some fics deserve more attention and recognition than what they have. happy reading :D


[01-16] Alice in Wonderland
[17-42] Eclipse
[43-49] Lady Gaga (Bad Romance Video)
[50-55] Dawson's Creek



Bella & Jake Kiss - Eclipse!

Hey, I'm not sure if you guys have seen this, but I thought it was cute and had Spanish subtitles so I wanted to share it here. I feel bad for Jake though.

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Result of boredom

awwww, i adore that icon, its so damn cute. so here i am, bored at home, so decided to post lots of ideas for fics i have. i suck as a writer, but if anyone wants to use these ideas... feel free to steal them! =D

Jacob Black and Edward Cullen were best friends during childhood, but they were separated because of a woman. What happens when years later, they re-meet and Jacob meets Edward’s girlfriend, Bella and Edward meets Jacob’s girlfriend, Angela? Jacob/Bella Edward/Angela

Bella and Jake try drugsxD just kidding. But I've always wanted to read a fic where they try smoking/alcohol.

Bella and Jake go camping together...  =D

And more to come tomorrow! =D


Title: Be Still And Wait
Chapter: Three - Going Back
Note: All characters belong to SMeyer.
Summary: The pain of trying to hold onto someone's love is sometimes far greater than the pain of letting go. Will Jacob learn to let go, will ever return, or will he learn to survive? I realize that this is a short story, but I wanted to write something that dealt with some of the emotions Jake felt in a spot where the book left us wondering.

Chapter Three - Going BackCollapse )

Sep. 2nd, 2009

[01-18] Robert Pattinson
[19-65] New Moon
[66-77] Keira Knightley
[78-81] Liv Tyler
[82-86] Rachel McAdams
[87-95] The Time Traveler's Wife

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un fic AU :D

Capítulo 1

Una adolescente chiquita y flaquita estaba arrodillada en el suelo de un cuarto muy feo, antiguo y deprimente, sin adornos ni luz. Lo único que había en esa habitación eran cinco catres de hierro y una mesita vacíos. Aparte, eso sí, de sombras y un aire de desolación que lo invadía todo. Al costado también había una mini ventana, con la persiana baja.

La chica tenía la cara tapada por el pelo y sus ojos marrones estaban llenos de lágrimas. Su vestido gris y sucio hacía juego con su estado de ánimo y el de la habitación.

A varios metros de distancia, un chico alto y muy buen mozo estaba preparando la cena (cosa que odiaba) en una casa grande, cómoda y bien iluminada. No tenía nada que ver con el lugar donde vivía la otra chica, la de ojos marrones. Éste era un lugar muy amplio y alegre, bien amoblado y decorado. A simple vista, uno podría suponer que a ese muchacho no podía faltarle nada. Sin embargo… las cosas no siempre son lo que parecen. A pesar de tenerlo todo, este chico sentía que le faltaba algo… algo muy importante…

La única persona que lo hacía sentirse cómodo y apreciado era ella… Pero ahora… ya casi ni le daba bola… parecía que estaba interesada en otro flaco… y “justo tenía que ser ese imbécil”, pensó el chico de cabellos negros con una triste expresión.

Cuando por fin terminó de cocinar la sopa y de servírsela en un cuenco, el joven suspiró y se llevó una mano a la nuca, preguntándose por qué todo siempre tenía que salirle mal… “no pego una”, se dijo, dándole un golpe a la mesada. “Ni siquiera… fui capaz de llegar a ella… Ella… lo prefirió a él…”

A pesar de sus vidas tan diferentes… tan opuestas… las caras de ambos eran idénticas: tristes, apáticas, amargadas…

Sin embargo… aunque ellos (mejor pongámosles nombres, ¿no?? Ella Bella y el Jacob) no lo supieran, estaban a punto de cambiar para siempre…


New Life

Title: New Life
Rating: K+
Characters: Jacob/Bella
Word Count: 834
Summary: Bella gazed into not one, but two pairs of deep brown eyes, wide and curious, with that slight squint that newborn babies have. When she had discovered that she was having twins, she had freaked out completely....Bella and Jacob's reflections on the experience of being new parents.
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight.

New LifeCollapse )


My movie bella


Ok, so I recently watched the movie NANA and I totally fell in love with Aoi Miyazaki.

And I was thinking, don’t you think Aoi Miyazaki would be a great Bella???

I think she would =). She’s absolutely gorgeous (well, she’s a model after all) but in an average way, know what I mean? She’s super cute, like I imagine Bella to be. She has a really sweet voice, unlike Kristen. And she is pretty great at acting. Plus, remember when Jacob said in BD that Bella’s smile was “irresistible”? Well, this girl totally has an irresistible smile!

My only pet peeve is that she’s a little too cute— a little too sweet—Bella’s more normal, more ordinary—but that’s exactly why I’d like Aoi to play Bella. She would make Bella likable, no, even more than likable, ADORABLE :)

So yeah, my ideal Japanese!Bella would be Aoi Miyazaki. Not because she’s the most adequate, (with Bella’s lack of personality, I think Kristen’s emotionless acting is spot-on), but because I think she would make me like Bella. I could understand why Jake loves Bella so much if she was played by Aoi! lol

So, yes, Aoi Miyazaki FTW!

At least for now

BTW, don’t get me wrong. I adore Kristen, I really do, but I still can’t see her as Bella when I read the books. And this is just me being bored and having lots of free time ;)

And finally, a pic of Aoi!!


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